The Conversation Live Tour needs your ideas !

We are so excited to be able to ask for your topic suggestions for our very first Live event.Please take a look at the video and share your thoughts.So looking forward to hearing what YOU want us to do for you …
Please share your ideas in the comments below.It is super important to us that your ideas be a huge part of this tour, so don’t be shy !


  • On my side, I appreciated the talks related to death, grief and sickness. Whatever can be shared really should be.
    Beside, I would love to talk hear about family relationships issues, with parents in particular !

    Yall have a fantastic summer ?

  • Julia

    I would love to hear a discussion with women who don’t have children, either because they chose not to become mothers or because they lost a child or because they couldn’t themselves conceive, etc. A discussion surrounding the difficulties and benefits of that choice or reality, the way in which their femininity/womanness/worth is called into question by our patriarchal society for that choice or reality and how/whether childlessness has also been empowering to them, how they’ve spent their time, what other journeys life has taken them on, what they have learned, whether who they are is impacted by that choice, and so on.

  • Heba Toulan Pennington

    as an Egyptian-American woman living with a barrier (disability), I would love to be able to watch your show that includes women or people in general living with disabilities and how the barriers can be overcome. I believe with increased awareness of this issue that we face in our everyday lives will bring a different perspective to the American public and how they can become more politically correct and sensitive towards our needs. what do you think, Ms. de Cabernet?

  • Tamela Gordon

    So, I have 6 (SIX) loved ones who have semi-recently been diagnosed with HIV. All from New York. All young, smart, otherwise healthy women and men. I don’t know why but it’s not being talked about and it mortifies me. The relevance to protection, information, and healthcare cannot be understated. It definitely needs to be addressed and I would love to hear you talk about. I’m talking about it too! http://youmehiv.blogspot.com

  • Kahlofem

    Thanks for a wonderful series of interviews! I would love to see interviews with Gloria Steinem, the writer Jessica Knoll, academic Beverly Skeggs, actress Reese Witherspoon, director Jane Campion and the NY performance artist Penny Arcade. In terms of topics, something I am really interested in that I think is not explored as much as it should, is gender and ageing. How do older women cope with the loss of youth when so much of conventional beauty norms are entirely bound up with youthfulness. Another topic I would like to hear more about is rebuilding your life after divorce. Best, R

  • I would love to have your tour come to Boulder, Colorado and have a discussion with Boulder Lady Project; which is part of a national non-profit that works to inspire, connect and showcase women doing amazing things in their local community. We would love to have an event for you! Or attend your event in Boulder. I appreciate the opportunity you give women to come as they are and have honest conversations about the issues that modern women care about. Specifically I would love to hear about starting your own business, how you deal with negativity and people who brand themselves as competitors, and hoenst conversations about having children and running a small business as well as taking time for oneselve to recharge. xxoo

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  • Exclusive notes and videos from Amanda de Cadenet.
  • Early access to our Limited Space Workshops.
  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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