Undone with @AmandadeCadenet Launches Soon

Undone with @AmandadeCadenet Launches Soon

I know I have been quiet and barely posting anything here and now I can share the reason why…which is that I have been exceptionally busy creating a brand new awesome LIVE — yes for real LIVE — primetime TV show for Lifetime. The one network that seems to take a risk and give a woman an opportunity to host her very own talk show yet again. Let’s not forget that it was Lifetime that took a risk with The Conversation and I am so thankful that they have said yes to me making this new show for them.

Undone is its very own entity so please do not expect the intimacy and long format interviews that I so enjoyed doing for The Conversation. Undone is a fast-paced, live, half-hour talk show that looks at news, pop culture, entertainment and topical stories, but through my filter, which is certainly a female perspective. I’ll be sharing the news I think is important to know about, whether it’s related to gender issues or anything else that the Undone team thinks we should all be talking about. I’ll also be joined by two guests per show, who will be women and men who we want you to know more about. My first guest confirmed today and I am just dying to share who it is but am sworn to secrecy!

The extra piece about this show is that it leads with social media, meaning every single segment will have full social participation — so please be sure to follow me @amandadecadenet for live show updates and to share your opinion, ideas and questions with our team and our guests.

More to come over the next few weeks but be ready for July 24th @ 10:30 pm EST LIVE. I’ll see you all there…

PS: If you are in Los Angeles we will have a small live audience in the studio each week to watch the show. More on how you can get your tickets soon!

Amanda x


  • Prefan

    Goodness how can such a lame show follow the fabulous Project Runway. The host seems uncomfortable and her voice is irritating. Get someone who can actually engage his/her guests and not make such inane comments.

    • You are clearly not my audience .

    • Cybersule

      I missed the first episode. I’m so disappointed. I’ve been looking everywhere for the episode replay. Can’t find it anywhere.

  • Katie

    I wish Amanda would not interrupt her guest so much. She isn’t being polite. With Kathy Griffin, the show has been on for 9 minutes and she has interrupted her 7 times (that I counted) this is after I realized how much she was doing it!

  • ChrisM

    Hey you made a mistake! There has been a woman on US currency!!!! Sacahawea, the famous native American who helped Louis and Clark, was on a dollar coin! Sure this is not paper money but it is US legal tender. Helen Keller is on the back of the Alabama Quarter! Don’t forget these wonderful women’s accomplishes and contributions the America 🙂

    • ChrisM

      next episode you should mention these two wonderful women!

  • Breanna Hayse

    Love the show! .As a professional writer of erotica/ porn (50 shades eat my ..uh..) love anything that gives me inspiration. Girl… you are filling my head with all kinds of ideas…any ideas in particular? I will write you a special Amanda character! Love ya! Breanna Hayse

  • deCadeNOT

    This show is boring and uninteresting. I try to be open however I don’t care for banter with B and less-list celebs. I also have no use for parental chatter or pictures of O Wilde breastfeeding. The live audience seems small, canned and bored/get inside jokes on delay. Yawn. I also thought researching AdeC would peak some interest. meh. Nice boobs and names are cool.

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  • Exclusive notes and videos from Amanda de Cadenet.
  • Early access to our Limited Space Workshops.
  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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