03.11.13 Truth & Wisdom

Teresa Palmer has The Conversation with Phoebe Tonkin about Friendship

BY Teresa Palmer

So my darling soul sister, Phoebe Tonkin, is a radiant light in my life and our friendship has made such a significant impact on me. Friendship to me is all about the right energies coming together, two loving spirits who uplift, encourage, inspire and balance each other. Over the last few years I have made an effort to closely examine the friendships I have in my life and ask myself whether we are of service to each other.

Sifting through toxic friendships is an integral part of growing older, by being selective about who you spend your life with, you really take your life experience in to your own hands. YOU get to choose the path that you are on and in the same way that you’re serious about your work, raising your family or loving your partner, you need to be serious about who you spend time with, who you hear advice from, who you allow to influence you and lastly who you allow to share a part of your sacred life force. Friends are those we get to pick, so please choose wisely.

Please enjoy this video of Phoebe Tonkin and me talking about friendship.

I am so grateful to have you in my life, Phoebe.

You can follow Teresa and Phoebe on Twitter @Tez_Palmer and @1PhoebeJTonkin.

Teresa Palmer, who was named one of Australia's 'Stars of Tomorrow' by Screen International in 2005, first caught the attention of audiences with her leading role in 2:37, which screened at both the Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals. She was nominated for Best Actress for this role by the Australian Film Institute. Palmer will next be seen in Warm Bodies with Nicholas Hoult and John Malkovich as well as Love and Honor with Liam Hemsworth. She recently starred in Wish You Were Here starring alongside Joel Edgerton and also recently shot Terence Malick’s Knight of Cups with Christian Bale as well as Parts Per Billion with Josh Hartnett and Rosario Dawson. Her additional film credits include Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg's I Am Number Four; Take Me Home Tonight with Topher Grace; Walt Disney Pictures’ The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Nicolas Cage; Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler; December Boys with Daniel Radcliffe and Restraint with Stephen Moyer. Palmer was awarded the 2011 Australians in Film Breakthrough Award and has also segued into working as a director, writer and producer. She started a blog called Your Zen Life with her friend, actress Phoebe Tonkin. Palmer was born in Adelaide, Australia.


  • Alex

    The trouble I have is finding people who are positive and like-minded. I would love to be friends with people like Amanda, Phoebe and Teresa but I haven’t met anyone so positive and wonderful in real life.

  • A

    I feel like im going through a cleanse moment with my friends right now, not that the people i know are bad for me, but i feel i have out grown some of my closest friends and i dont know how to ask for more out of the friendship without hurting or alienating them. any advice?

  • Milda Bublys

    I remember having a very similar conversation with Teresa just this past December. She was filming a movie at my dad’s house, and I have to say, I’ve met few people who are so beautiful on the inside, thoughtful, and kind as this girl. It was nice to have a talk with her about both friendships and relationships, and the idea of surrounding yourself with good, beautiful energy…. and weeding out the toxic. I definitely came away impressed with our exchange and her willingness to be so open. How fabulous that she was a part of this public Conversation and more can delight in her insights.

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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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