05.11.13 Love

Ashley Madekwe: Express Yourself

BY The Conversation Team

Ashley Madekwe

Our newest guest is fashion lover and actress Ashley Madekwe. In this week’s episode Ashley talks about…

Her personal style and love of fashion.

Starting her own blog spot.

The difference between working and living in England versus America.

The importance of speaking up and dealing with sexual harassment in the work place.

Here are some questions for you to answer in the comments section below:

1) How do you express yourself through fashion?

2) Have you ever experienced any sort of harassment in the work place and if so what did you do ?

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  • Kelly

    I’ve actually been becoming more involved in wanting to become more fashionable, and looking nicer so right now I do not express myself through fashion, comfort over classy was always basically my mantra. I felt that I didn’t have to try as hard as other people for attention but I think it’s nice to be young and dress nice. It does garner more attention.

    But I did experience harassment at my former workplace, I think there was minor sexual harassment and comments made by male customers (as there is in many jobs) but I mostly faced harassment on a more hurtful, insulting level by my coworkers. I was very young (I still am) practically a baby compared to these people who were far older than I was, many mothers and fathers. I worked at a new restaurant and it wasn’t very popular and people just didn’t like me. I tried my best to help them whenever I could but they were just awful, bitchy and very misunderstanding. It did definitely teach me a hard lesson that many people just don’t grow up and get out of a high school mentality.

  • Anna

    video not available from Spain?! That’s sad news…..

    • Rys

      In Belgium neither… Can you do something about this?

    • Noomi

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    • AlexaSanger

      and Slovakia…I hope it will be fixed soon!

    • Monika

      And Hungary….always watched, each of them… I hope they fix it!:)

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    • So beautiful to watch a #global hunger for @theconversation !!

    • I’m also from Spain :). Amanda & The Conversation Team could you fix this? (just in case it wasn’t on purpous). If not, what a pity.

    • Tina

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  • The video is not available in France?

  • AlexaSanger

    The video seems to be not available for Europe – hopefully this is not a permanent state, we love the show here as well!

  • Linda

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  • Thanks for letting me know the video is unavail in Europe .. Not my choice ! let me find out asap why that is. amanda x

    • Linda

      Thank you, i love the Conversation and really wanna see the video 🙂

    • CAn you watch the other episodes with kelly Oxford /Chelsea Handler ?

    • Rys

      Yes, we can see those episodes!

    • Linda

      Yeah, I can see that one as well…

    • Anna

      I confirm too, it’s just this last episode…. thank you Amanda for all your great job!!!

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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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