06.01.12 Wellness

Episode 6: Arianna Huffington, Crystal Renn, Olivia Wilde, Sarah Silverman

BY The Conversation Team

Arianna Huffington, Crystal Renn, Olivia Wilde, Sarah Silverman

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  • I love the show, and I’ve watched every single episode, but a few parts during this one made me uneasy.
    Specifically, these were the racist comments made by Olivia Wilde (Japanese and baseball comment) and Sarah Silverman (black people need therapy comment). Ms. Wilde’s comment was not intended in a mean-spirited way, I’m sure, but it did make me side-eye the screen a little. However, Ms. Silverman’s comment came off as extremely condescending, and I did not appreciate the way that the host did not call her out on it at all, and instead laughed along.
    The problem with feminism, since the beginning, is that the movement as a whole prioritises the plight of white, cisgender, heterosexual women over all others. I — and I’m sure I’m not the only one! — would really love to see more awareness and inclusion of this issue throughout the movement, which I thought The Conversation was a part of.

    • I think part of the message the conversation wants to give is to laugh about things more, and to not take everything so serious. Okay, I’m not a native english speaker and so I don’t understand everything that well but I’m sure they were not making those comments to make a negative statement about others. I hope the conversation will not be propaganda for big issues such as racism, feminism etc. etc. In my opinion the makers of this show want to make us aware of ourselves. Our decisions or our issues that we consider to be problems…

    • I don’t think Sarah Silverman’s comment was racist at all. She looked straight into the camera and said it. It was clearly a joke and as someone who is black I laughed really hard.

      I understand Justine how feminism over the years tends to leave out minority women and focuses on white women of means, but I don’t think that is what happened on this show.

      Great show Amanda!

    • I thought the black people need therapy was really funny because it was so obviously sarcastic… I would have laughed a long, too. In fact, I did. 

    • Sidra

      sarah silverman’s comment did put a knot in my stomach, but i thought that the way amanda dealt with it was poised and graceful. amanda didn’t make a scene, nor did she laugh along and agree, but she simply corrected sarah. nicely done, and thank you amanda!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SHOW! Watch every week- so inspiring and insightful. Thank you producers for inspiring young people 🙂

  • OMG I love this show. It is so warm and inspiring! So Glad you Made IT!

  • I love this show! It’s so nice to have a real talk show, where no on is trying to be fake and say the “right” things for the camera.
    Does anyone know the girl from the street interview who wore the black and white polka dot dress?? I think she’s been on tv before but I can’t place her and it’s driving me crazy!

    • Goldlennon

       I think she was the friend on My life as Liz, a show on MTV.

  • ConversationFan

    Amanda, I LOVE this show!! truly!! but, I do wish though, that you would allow your interviewees to complete their thoughts and maybe leave more room for them to share their stories.

  • Johannaosbourne


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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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