05.04.13 Truth & Wisdom

Kelly Oxford: Following Your Instincts

BY The Conversation Team

Kelly Oxford

Our latest guest is Twitter super star Kelly Oxford. In this episode, Kelly chats with Amanda about all these things…

  • How it’s okay to makes mistakes
  • How her intuition has guided her through life
  • Her experience as a homemaker
  • How she began her career
  • Her most challenging times, experiences, and how she overcame them.

Here are some questions for you to answer in comments below.

1) Do you listen to your intuition? Share a time when your intuition has guided you.

2) How has your career affected your family and/or personal life?

3) Has Twitter or other social media platforms helped you make your voice heard?


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Kelly Oxford is . . . A wunderkind producer of pirated stage productions for six-year-olds Not the queen of the world An underage schnitzel-house dishwasher The kid who stood up to a bully and almost passed out...

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  • Tobiah Racicot

    I love to watch these videos in the morning. I feel so inspired and empowered and it shows with how I act for the rest of the day. Thanks you for these Amanda!

  • Priscilla Malkiewiez

    This is so great Amanda! Whenever I watch this show I feel so empowered and willing to speak up for my choices, believes and things that I want for MY life.
    I think I will answer questions number one and two more or less together, here it goes:
    I grew up in a home where education is something really important. They both come from blue collar backgrounds and college education really was what changed their life’s prospective so not going to college was never an option for me and my younger sister. I always enjoyed learning and was a good student but I’ve always had a passion for the arts, especially cinema and music and my sister is a very talented drawer and painter. Art was always appreciated and cherished by our parents but always as a hobby, and not something we could make a career out so they tried to guide us to a direction that would allow us to make a living in the future. My sister is currently studying architecture (considered a money making form of art) and I’ve just recently decided to follow my instincts to start Film School in July. It was a hard decision to make since I’m 21 and for the last three years my parents have seen me start and not finish Public Administration and later a Sociology and Political Science degree. Though I’ve learned a lot from this courses and the knowledge they have brought me they’re still not what I want for my life. I want to be a film writer, I want to create and tell stories and I know that I won’t be happy doing anything else but it’s so difficult having to hide it from my parents, two amazing people who I really love, for being afraid of their opinion. I hope that when I finally tell them my news they’ll understand and be happy for me but if they don’t I’ll still do it! Having their approval would mean the world to me but being miserable and stuck in a job or career I don’t like would be far worst. Luckily, I have a great group of friends and a show like The Conversation that really give me the confidence to follow my instincts and dreams and not give up on them despite the challenges that WILL COME my way.
    Thank you so much Amanda, please keep up the good work! XOX

  • Does anyone know the brand of dress Kelly is wearing? It is so cute! I want it!!

    • I think it is Isabel Marant Etoile (it might be a jumpsuit, i think)

  • I have not followed my intuition at times and regretted it. My career has always been untraditional so it has not fit within the confines of the expectations, rules or guidelines of my family’s expectations, which has sometimes led me to question my choices and passion. I started a blog on Blogger in 2008 just for me, for fun, for fashion and design and poetry and was surprised to find out that people actually read it. It was inspiring to think that what I had to say mattered, resonated or brought a moment of beauty or peace to someone.

  • Love the videos, but I like the longer ones better!

  • g.g.

    I can’t see the video in Australia. The audio is working but I can’t see the interview.

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  • Exclusive notes and videos from Amanda de Cadenet.
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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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