05.18.13 Truth & Wisdom

Milla Jovovich: The Importance of Education

BY The Conversation Team

Milla Jovovich

Our latest guest, Milla Jovovich, is a model, actress, musician, and fashion designer. In this episode Milla talks about…

What her parents taught her about work ethic and passion.

The importance of education in a woman’s life.

How she teaches her daughter to experience the world.

Our questions for you:

 1) What is your passion? How did you decide it was the right area for you to devote your time and energy? 

2) How has education made a difference in your life?

3) Do you have a parent or role model who taught you work ethic? How does their example influence you? 


Share your answers, thoughts and questions with us in the comments section below. 


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  • Liam

    Bend over in the laundry room? Yikes…

  • My PASSION is photography. I remember being a kid+taking a photo of my family on a walk, +pardon the pun, but something clicked, and i just felt like this was something i was naturally comfortable doing.

    Now, i get this peaceful but excited energy when i’m taking a photograph. Even if it’s a split second snapshot, i still feel it, and for me, that’s something very special.

    EDUCATION, from school days where every report card said the same thing – “Daydreamer”, i feel i learned very little academically – everything out in the World away from school was where i was drawn to learn from. Life experiences, and great people i meet along the way inspire, teach, and keep my mind interested.

    WORK ETHICS. My Mother never stops. No matter the job, or task, whatever she’s got to do, she does it 100%. I’ve been lucky to grow up with such a strong female role model, and it’s definitely tuned into my brain to be this way too. It just sucks when i want to be lazy hahaha.

  • Clare Bowditch

    Just adored this: thanks so much Amanda and Milla! Made me giggle (and feel like a total under-achiever!). Loved it. xo

  • Elise

    I saw a picture of the wonderful Brody Dalle in the opening, please tell me she is going to be on the show? 🙂

  • #1 Milla Fan

    MIlla has been my idol since I was little and saw The Fifth Element, and then listened to her music with The Divine Comedy…I just love her! I always knew there was something different about her, that she was a great person very multifaceted and talented in many ways….she’s an inspiration to women of any background , really, and I’m so glad to hear she’s great at being a mom, too! She has a lot of humility to share, I love it. Yay Milla 🙂

  • inescb

    Amazing woman! So inspired and dynamic. I really missed watching The Conversation

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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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