07.13.13 Truth & Wisdom


BY The Conversation Team

Zoe Saldana

We are so excited to have the compelling director and actress, Zoe Saldana back on The Conversation! In this week’s episode, Zoe talks about equality, love, and the divine bond of sisterhood. Watch this episode to see what Zoe has to say about…

– Why she can do anything a man can do.

– What she feels is her biggest achievement

– The relationship she has with her sisters.

– Why only a certain type of man can co-exist in her family.

– The rights Zoe believes everyone is born with.

We love to hear from you! Leave your answers in the comments. 

– What do you consider to be your biggest achievement?

– What most surprised you about Zoe?

– Have you ever faced difficulty when introducing a romantic interest to your family?


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  • Maureen

    i have to come out to my family – so i’m now facing a difficulty …

  • Becca

    Love her character and strength, really inspiring. I have to admit the ‘Stop whipping the shit’-advice really stuck with me, ha… Brilliant. Somewhat unrelated, but I feel like Tara Sophia Mohr could be a really interesting contributor/guest on the Conversation, she has a lot of great insight to share on female empowerment today. Not sure it’s up the Conversation’s alley, but hey, worth a mention!

  • olithee

    I agree Zoe is amazing (amanda not too bad either !)

    Agree on the sister thing. It is major in life. Just figured out myself that my elder sister who had been there for me all along since my accident in 2007 is no more a person I can talk to. She is a very sensitive person and I dont think she gets the shoulder to hear sometimes the very violent words that Im having (not necesseraly negative, still violent). For example, she keeps saying nothing can happen to you anymore. you are careful now so nothing can happen. Somehow she is right, there are just few chances for me to die again today, but there are some ! I mean I am no superwoman ! She doesnt want to understand it (and Im worried about it); she also lives away and distance isnt making things easier I guess.

    Anyway Zoe is strong, her strenghs are communicative, listenning is a great benefit.

    How come she spoke french a fair bit ? Does she have french roots ?

    Loads of love to each and everyone of you in this amazing community
    Thanks Amanda

  • BeverlyHelen

    Enjoyed Zoe even more the second time around. I love her courage to speak from her heart with blunt honesty. I wish I had her courage many years ago, but it’s never too late for anyone to start again with courage. Thanks Zoe and thanks Amanda for inviting her back. You both are my sisters. Suggestion for guests: Thandie Newton and Sade. They are also women who walk to their own drumbeats.

  • Patsy

    Love her moxie. Is it completely distracting of me to want to know where she go those awesome eyeglasses?

  • cece

    I really enjoy your site and candid interviews. My only complaint is that the videos are too short. Are there full versions of the interviews somewhere? Also that last question of yours (“What is your favorite sex position”) seems so out of place.

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  • Exclusive notes and videos from Amanda de Cadenet.
  • Early access to our Limited Space Workshops.
  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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