The Body Book and My Boobs

As some of you may know, I do have some opinions on body image and have shared my own challenges over the years with my relationship to my own body. My friend Cameron Diaz published The Body Book last month and asked me to contribute a video to her site. I decided to talk about my boobs, and if you want to hear what I had to say, please watch the video. Of course I would love to hear from you in the comments section about any body image challenge you have either overcome or are still struggling with.

Here’s to loving all the parts of ourselves, even the ones we wish were a little different!


  • i had big bottom all my life and suffered from that till Jlo made people looking at that differently:).our image of body is so flexible to the country we live in the society…we have as a mothers to teach our daughter to love their body from the moment they are born.

    • True.. if you lived in the Caribbean you would be considered a goddess , as i was with my larger bum …

  • TheJobbingActor

    Interesting that some of your comments relate to the physical aspect and other comments to the internal representation you hold about yourself and the anxiety creating questions we all ask ourselves at some level about what we think other people are thinking. I know I’m judged by my rather serious looking face before even saying a word. Maybe half the battle is to ask one’s self better questions. Actually I came to your website interested to find out what you are doing these days as I happened to watch by sheer luck the interview videos when looking at your photographic work. Interested to know if like me you do large format photographer as well as digital. I digress. Good luck with the project.

  • Sandra

    Hi Amanda, I love for what you stand in the world – empowering women – and your honesty is so refreshing. Isn’t it crazy that two female body parts can become such a focus of attention on this planet, when the most beautiful parts lie right behind them: the heart and the soul… When my boobs started growing as a young girl the looks from adult men felt so strange that I actually believe I willed my boobs to stay small 🙂

    • I love what you said about the most important thing being behind the boobs , which is the heart and soul . Wise words !

  • workingthroughit

    stretch marks would be my greatest body issue, especially when swimsuit season is here as media would portray all women as flawless & not being cursed with these marks of child bearing. i feel like im wearing a mask as i walk along the beach front with my swimsuit contradicting the “less is more idea”.

  • Ballerina

    I have, as long as I can remember, had a complex about the length and width of my legs, and might unfortunately always have that issue. I grew up as a ballet student, and the ballet body ideal was pretty extreme, and so it was constantly highlighted to us students what imperfections our bodies held. I still to this day feel uncomfortable wearing short skirts and very tight trousers and no heels, even though most people (myself included) would say I’m silly for even having these thoughts. It’s specially silly as the most attractive thing in a person is when they feel really comfortable with who they are, inside and out.

    • I never met a woman who felt 100 % ok with everything about herself . I know there are people who pay good $ to have big boobs but for me I’m just have had a hard time being ok with how much they have grown since having twins !

  • CrisTina Scordo

    This is one of those subjects that makes me feel left out LOL! But that’s OK.

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