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Interview with Rose-Marie Swift, Founder of RMS Beauty

Interview with Rose-Marie Swift, Founder of RMS Beauty

BY Amanda de Cadenet

I am equally fussy about what I put on my body as what I put in my body. The skin is the largest absorbent organ we have and yes, I am one of those people who doesn’t wear deodorant (ask my friends who complain how ripe  I am on a hot day). If you’ve watched The Conversation, you know that I wear very little makeup as quite frankly, I am way too busy with setting up my shots to think about how I look. I mainly use RMS Beauty products as they are all natural, organic and GOOD for your skin (you can practically eat them). They are so easy to use and are created by  superstar makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, who knows a thing or two about helping women to look their most beautiful without compromising their health or self-esteem. I am so impressed with Rose-Marie commitment to women’s health and beauty,  I wanted to share her products and  insights with you.

I use your makeup every day – the un-cover up and a delicious eyeshadow of yours. So as a huge fan of your products, will you share with us some info about your makeup line?

“I got sick years ago. I had so many health issues, and I went to a hair analysis lab to sort them out. At the lab, they asked me if I worked in the cosmetics industry. I said ‘yes’ and they told me I had so many chemicals in my body from the cosmetics.”

When you say you got sick, what do you mean?

“My hair started falling out. I had mercury toxicity, and high levels lead, aluminum, cambium and barium [in my blood].”

How did that manifest?

“I couldn’t sleep; I had anxiety attacks.”

Oh, maybe I have it then!

“Believe it or not, everyone has it. It’s in products, in the air, in the environment. When I began my recovery, I began eating organic and concentrating on a lot of raw [foods]. Through that experience, I learned what oils and ingredients were really good for the skin and body. I first did a website exposing all of the chemicals in the cosmetic industry.”

I bet people loved you for that. Did you ever work again?

“People said, ‘Rose-Marie, you’re ruining your whole career.’ Surprisingly enough, it actually benefited my career. It made me stand out from other makeup artists. It was rebellious. People love that stuff in America. You do something rebellious, and you’ve got it made.”

So people put on makeup every day – some more, some less – and have no idea what’s hiding in its ingredients. What is?

“Hormone disrupters, endocrine disrupters… you name it and it’s in there. Nobody is paying attention. Nobody is guarding the cosmetic industry. There is the Cosmetic Review panel, but I always say they function like the fox guarding the chicken coop does. The FDA does not regulate the cosmetics industry at all. It doesn’t regulate the word natural, or the word organic. It’s a big, green wash.”

So you went out and said, I’m going to make a makeup line that not only doesn’t injure people, but that is also really good and healthy for your skin.

“It’s like the raw food concept. I took raw coconut oil, which is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, and jojoba oil, great for human skin. I also took oils that have a very long shelf life.”

You don’t use any additives in your products either, then?

“No additives. I use CO2s and different kinds of oils and butters, like cocoa butter. Herbs, rosemary extract and vitamin E, too, but it’s always non-genetically modified.”

How receptive have people been to your line?

“Amazingly receptive. When they see how effective it is on their skin, that’s when people are really blown away. The organic industry now allows for use of certified RBD oils, refined bleach and deodorized videos. These oils have gone through a lot of refining and processing. When that happens, it’s very similar to what happens with processed foods. When you cook cauliflower in a pressure cooker, you’ve got dead food. I keep everything non-RBD, as unprocessed and unrefined as possible. I keep it clean so that all the healing benefits of the oils are kept intact.”

You’re 56 years old, and you look amazing. We just shot a portrait together, and I was looking at you and thinking about something I was recently told. Someone said, ‘Amanda you have a distorted perception of beauty because you’re working with people who are incredibly beautiful.’ I just wondered  how you feel about aging and your perception of getting older as  you’re working in an industry with so many beautiful faces, too.

“I’m going to have to embrace it, aren’t I? Or else I’m in big trouble. I see a lot of women rushing out to get plastic surgery, and I’m sorry, but it’s frightening. I think there’s something missing in their souls if they have to do the extent of the work they do.

You’ve really got to be in touch with yourself. As a makeup artist, you’d think I’d have some sort of complex with all these drop dead gorgeous girls sitting in front of me each day. I don’t. I love all the girls. They keep my spirit young, which is what’s most important to me. Everybody’s going to age, get over it.”

That’s true, but here’s the thing: we don’t have many role models echoing that statement. I’m interested in examples of women who haven’t fixed themselves up and those are few and far between .

“Here’s my whole philosophy: if you put the right stuff in your body, and the right stuff on your skin, you’re not going to have the premature aging problems that women are having nowadays. I’m telling you, all these anti-aging creams are ruining your skin. They may puff it up and make it look good for a couple years, but in the long term, it’s aging.”

If somebody were interested in what you’re talking about, and would like more information about beneficial skincare products, where would you suggest they look?

“I did started a site in 2004 called beautytruth.com, where I expose a lot of cosmetic chemicals. There’s also a lot of information on the RMS Beauty website, rmsbeauty.com.”

Thanks for chatting, Rose-Marie! I hope The Conversation readers love your products as much as I do.

If you’d like to purchase RMS Beauty products, please visit the website at RMSBeauty.com.

Amanda is a wife, mother, friend, photographer and the creator and host of The Conversation. @AmandadeCadenet


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