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Q&A with Guest Editor Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love

Q&A with Guest Editor Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love

BY Mastin Kipp

How do you define love?

“Unconditional acceptance of what is and the empathy/understanding that there is no separation in Life, only Unity.”

The Daily Love seeks to improve the human condition by bringing love into each reader’s life. What do you think accounts for the love deficit in today’s society?

“We think it’s outside of ourselves.”

What specific aspects of our human behavior need to change in order to facilitate more love and mutual growth between us and our friends and partners?

“Fundamentally, I believe that we must learn to audaciously trust and follow our intuition from a place of Love. I believe that everything else will begin to work in balance after that.”

The Daily Love contains extraordinary quotes from many great thinkers – religious leaders, artists and athletes included. Of all of these, do you have a personal favorite (or two)?

“Hard to choose…

1. ‘We have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us — the labyrinth is thoroughly known. We have only to follow the thread of the hero path, and where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence. And where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.’  – Joseph Campbell

2. ‘Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless, maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?’ – Amelia Earhart”

Do you have a personal mantra? If so, can you share it with us?

“Ask, believe, act, let go, receive. Above all else, show up.”

In a recent blog on The Daily Love, you wrote, “Most people don’t live their dreams because they don’t have the emotional fitness to bring them about.” Can you tell us what emotional fitness means to you? What can each of us do to improve our own emotional fitness?

“Emotional fitness to me means being able to allow your dreams, your visions and your purpose be stronger than the emotions that come up. Emotions come and go, but it takes steadfast stick-to-it-tiveness to make your dreams come up. Stay steady in your purpose no matter what comes up for you, the Universe has your back!”

You also offer one-on-one mentorship sessions through The Daily Love. What have you learned from counseling these individuals? What similarities do you notice amongst your mentees?

“Great question. Fundamentally I’ve noticed that people’s lives get messed up because they took on a belief from someone other than themselves about how their life should go. Many people made other people’s opinions their identities. As a result, they have developed guilt and resentment and shame from living an unauthentic life. And because of this, they do not listen to their intuition or trust themselves and life stops flowing.”

Do you consider yourself an inspirational speaker in the traditional sense? How does your site differ from other “self-help” communities?

“I’m not an inspirational speaker, a self help person or a guru. I’m a storyteller and entrepreneur. And I tell stories in many ways, through speaking, through writing, through video and through screen writing/film making. With The Daily Love, I am just sharing my story as honestly as possible. As far as what makes me different from anyone else? Well, I’m not the next Tony Robbins or Deepak Chopra, I’m the first and last Mastin Kipp.”

What do you consider your life’s wake up call? When did you discover your quest for the highest good?

“Awesome question. The first thing that comes to mind is when I was in the throws of a drug addiction and got stopped by the cops at the age of 22 with a bunch of it on me. They never found it. It felt like a second chance. I discovered my quest for the highest good when I was in self recovery and one day I wrote a letter to myself about what it took for me to feel good. I signed it… Love, Yourself. And from that day forward I knew self-love was what I needed to tell stories about.”

What’s your favorite love song? What about your go to “pump-up” or inspirational song?

“Favorite Love song? Hmmmmm, probably ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz. Favorite pump-up song? Gotta be ‘A Milli’ by Lil Wayne… Favorite inspirational song? Gotta go with ‘Let It Be’…”

Who has been your greatest teacher?

“Hands down, my mother. Without her, there would be no me. She taught me that anything is possible, that persistence is key and that getting to YES is always one logical thought away. Above all else, she and my father set a SHINING example of what Love is.”

You have created a very intentional life, but what dreams are you still working to accomplish?

“Love this question. I REALLY want to see TDL fully expressed. I am in the middle of writing a book for Hay House (a dream come true). My top three unrealized dreams would have to be to set my parents up financially for life, have a Tom Ford-quality body physique and be a thriving film maker (like a white Tyler Perry).”

Mastin Kipp is the CEO & founder of TheDailyLove.com, a premiere destination for pop culture inspirational. Mastin is a storyteller and entrepreneur. Some cool things about him: he has a book coming out in 2014 with Hay House, we was on tour with Oprah’s Lifeclass (as well as Skyped in a few times) lives with his girlfriend Jenna (whom he loves a lot) in Hollywood. Please visit TheDailyLove.com for all kinds of radness! Follow him on Twitter @mastinkipp.


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