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Want to Be Spiritual? Let Yourself Be Human!

Want to Be Spiritual? Let Yourself Be Human!

BY Mastin Kipp

One of my favorite things about The Conversation is that Amanda and friends talk about REAL THINGS. Divorce, sex, aging, hardship, rock bottom and challenges. In the self-help world, there can be so much fluff and pretending to be happy that we seem to cease to interact with human beings and instead have entered the Stepford Wives School of Transformation.

I think one of the main keys that we can consider while on a quest to find, be and express our REAL selves is the idea that it’s OKAY and VITAL to allow ourselves to be human. It’s totally okay. In fact, it’s NEEDED!

Yes, you may chant perfectly or have a steady meditation practice or wear the most up-to-date Lulu Lemon outfits. But when was the last time you let yourself have a good cry? Or get angry? Or not beat yourself for wanting more out of life? When was the last time you said NO to others so you can say YES to yourself?

When was the last time you just let out a rip roaring yell, “I’m MAD, ANGRY a little PENT UP and THAT’S OKAY!”

You see, transformation, connection and intimacy all come from truth telling. Not from hiding your truth by”pretending” to be spiritual. I call that a “spiritual bypass”. We can’t grow if we don’t tell the truth. And we will NEVER have intimacy if we don’t tell the truth. The vulnerable truth is what will set us free. And YES, at first it might piss you off or make you scream or cry or walk away or stand up. But THAT’S the juice of life.

I really believe that once we take away this pretentious idea that some people are “spiritual” and some aren’t and just get about the business of being 100% accepting of ourselves and others, we will truly see transformation. I don’t care how many down dogs we do, if you’re still an asshole or a bitch, you’ve missed the point.

I used to think it was about the “way” that I went about things… But then I realized that the only true sign of spiritual growth and evolution wasn’t the green juice, the gluten-free macrobiotic super food or the pH of our water… at the end of the day it all boils down to being KIND.

And we can’t be kind to others until… you guessed it – we are kind to ourselves. And that can’t happen until we ALLOW ourselves to be, feel and show up EXACTLY as we are, right now. Angry, sad, depressed, hopeless, flawed, etc. That’s where we all are sometimes. Being able to accept that and start there opens us up to a whole new world.

So – what can you let yourself feel or express today? What HONEST truth can you allow yourself to accept about yourself? I’m curious.

Leave a comment and let me know!

Lots of Love,


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Mastin Kipp is the CEO & founder of TheDailyLove.com, a premiere destination for pop culture inspirational. Mastin is a storyteller and entrepreneur. Some cool things about him: he has a book coming out in 2014 with Hay House, we was on tour with Oprah’s Lifeclass (as well as Skyped in a few times) lives with his girlfriend Jenna (whom he loves a lot) in Hollywood. Please visit TheDailyLove.com for all kinds of radness! Follow him on Twitter @mastinkipp.


  • Jennifer Schulting

    So true.  Thanks.  What a great piece to read as I start my day.  

  • I know this to be true in my own life.  It also gets easier after the first or second time that you courageously face and accept yourself “as is” with no judgement. It takes all of the angst out of the situation to just face it. With that said, the difficulty then lies in not reverting back to your old habits of pretending and non-acceptance of our inner stuff. I struggle with this everyday but am grateful to do so (most of the time!).

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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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