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#Women We Love: Introducing @TheSingleWoman

#Women We Love: Introducing @TheSingleWoman

Every day at the Conversation our inbox fills with amazing projects that make our world a better place. When we heard about what our friend @TheSingleWoman aka Mandy Hale was up to with her new book, we knew we had to share.

Just like many of us, Mandy has seen ups and downs in her life and love. After going through a tumultuous breakup several years ago, she decided to focus on cultivating her TRUE self. She went on to build The Single Woman platform that inspires single women to live their best lives and to never, ever settle. Her second book, I’ve Never Been to Vegas But My Luggage Has, captures her story and lessons learned from the ups and downs of love and life.

Her personal story resonated with us and we wanted to pass on this inspiration to YOU to never settle for a life that doesn’t allow you to grow and become the best person you can be. We hope you enjoy her post below!

PS- To celebrate the launch of her book, post a photo on Instagram of something in your life that is beautiful but often goes unnoticed through May 15th with the hashtag #ilove and tagging @TheConversation. You could win her latest book!

And now, our first #WomenWeLove shares some of her thoughts:

Beauty from brokenness.

It’s sort of the cornerstone of my message. Everything that I’ve created with my blog, books, and social media platforms was built from a broken heart. If you’ve lived in the world for any amount of time…if you’re a human being…if you’ve taken any risks with your life at all…you’ve been broken. Your heart has been broken. Your pride has been broken. Your life has even likely been fractured somewhere along the way, creating a permanent division between what was and what is. Mine was. As I detail in my new book I’ve Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has, my life changed forever at age 25 when I lost what was then my “dream job” and found myself left in the rubble of the life I had built for myself. It changed again at age 30 when I abandoned an unhealthy, toxic, abusive relationship and found myself left with the terrifyingly blank page of “who am I?” I had lost myself so completely in the relationship, it took months to reconnect with the fundamentals of who I was and find ME again.

But here’s the good news.

From the rubble of my 25-year-old life, I rebuilt a new and better life.

And from the blank page of my 30-year-old life, I wrote a new story for myself.

And you can, too.

There is something about the “leveled life” that leaves us more open and brave and teachable. It’s almost as though when we’re down to nothing – absolutely ANYTHING becomes possible. An empty page leaves room for new words to fill it. Crumbled dreams dig a deeper foundation for new dreams to be built upon, stronger and more solid. A blank canvass inspires the paintbrush of our lives to make bigger and bolder and more colorful strokes the next time around.

And in the silence, in the brokenness, in the emptiness…suddenly the true beauty of our lives comes into focus. The things that cannot be washed away or ripped away or taken away: Our friends. Our family. Our dreams. Our courage. Our faith. OURSELVES.

Looking back at my own journey, I see time and time and time again that the most beautiful chapters of my life have always, always been written following the most broken ones. I’m in a little bit of a broken chapter right now, as a matter of fact, even as I write this. Nothing is certain. Nothing is clear. At age 35, I’m at a complete crossroads in my career and in love and in life. Interesting how that seems to happen every five years, huh? And down here in the valley, I can’t see past the clouds and the rain and the broken road to the mountaintop above me…but I still know it’s there. It’s always there. And though its view is victorious and glorious and breathtaking, I kind of prefer the muddiness and messiness and uncertainty of the valley. Why? Because the mountain is for celebrating the woman that I’ll be someday.

The valley is for celebrating the woman that I AM, right here and now.



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