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Your Voices On The Conversation

Your Voices On The Conversation

BY The Conversation Team

This past week, we’ve brought up some tough questions and we have enjoyed all the motivating, intriguing and insightful responses that we have received. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Is there one thing you’ve always dreamed of doing or a goal you’ve been wanting to accomplish? What do you think is the first step to reaching that goal or dream?

My dream is to educate women, specifically my Latino community to full and complete wellness. As a therapist, I hear so much pain and suffering. I want women to be educated, empowered, and supported. Let’s be proactive. I see so much disconnected in my fellow Latina sisters. Depression, abuse, obesity, etc. is running rampant. So, I opened a private practice that I am super excited about! I am a certified BeachBody coach : ) I have been asked to be a community educator (for a friend/mentor own private practice) and I have been blessed to have been asked to pen a column on mental health for an online magazine! I love The Conversation (I learned the most from the FAB Jane Fonda and Ariana Huffington, but I loved them all!!!). I love the message and what it’s all about. I get excited to know what’s coming up next. I adored the first season and continue to learn from the new interviews. I credit your endevour, Amanda, for giving me that push to DREAM BIG! Thank you, sister.-Yaritza Z.


Growing up in Uganda and seeing my mother who was a college professor get her PHD in Linguistics all while she was raising 5 children below the age of 11 at the time left an indelible mark on me. I wanted to be like her in every way. I wanted to emulate her career, her compassion, love and humility despite overcoming insurmountable personal and societal odds and her love for God. Mostly i wanted to get that PHD. I didnt know how it would happen because i was never the “brilliant” kid in school.. but it was a personal goal of mine. Long story short… at 29 years old, I just began my PHD a month ago. And although my mother passed away almost 10 years ago.. i know she’d be proud!! -Olive


2. Do you think you have strong intuition? If so, how have you listened to it?

Really enjoyed this. Intuition is there for a reason and yet we have such a hard time trusting our gut, especially when everyone around us tells us otherwise. On many occasions I have elected to do what other people thought was right for me, only to realise after the fact that while following my gut would have been harder, it would have been more rewarding. You can’t fault someone for wanting to steer you a certain way but in the end, you are the only person who can make you happy. Someone else’s idea of what will make you happy is actually what will make THEM happy. It’s been a struggle the past few years, trying to fix the problems I created for myself. Studying in a field I wasn’t passionate about because it was ‘stable’ only to realise that I hated my ‘stable’ work was the worst thing I ever did and I caution people to not do this. I’m still doing the work necessary to put myself on a more rewarding career path but I have days where I wish I had just listened to myself and done what I wanted as an 18 year old. Anyway – you live, you learn. –Priya


3. How can you take the time to be more conscious and aware?

I try to set as good of an example as I can with what I have, and hope for the best. I try and stay conscious and aware various ways: unplugging, reading, running. The trick is to not multi-task. Choose one thing to do, and fully do it. Even if that one thing at the moment is texting! Be in that moment, and then move on to the next thing. –Brooke


4. Jaime King took a chance and changed her life for the better. How can you make even smallest of changes to better your own life?

Starting by being kinder and gentler with myself. Too many times we beat ourselves up and make ourselves feel like poop because we’ve made a mistake, been less than perfect, etc. It’s not an easy thing to do, trust me. But it is vital. –Lucy

5. Have you started your own business? Where did you find the courage to make the first move?

The education never stops. Keep learning, keep seeking, subscribe to trade magazines. Fear is good, it means you care, but don’t let it stop you. –Jamie


Thank you for your continuous input, we appreciate your answers!

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