Body Image

Understanding what it means to love your body. In this one hour class you will hear what that means to some of our…

Building Self Esteem

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Welcome to The Conversation Classes!
I am so pleased you are here and excited for you to see the exclusive classes we have for you.Whether you are interested in how to build a business and manage your money or you want to know how to REALLY develop that ever evasive “self esteem” or you want to explore what a spiritual life looks like for you, we have classes to help support you in your goals. We hope you will continue to be inspired, motivated and benefit from the wisdom and tools being shared with you. Listening to other women share their stories has been my biggest source of inspiration, for me to create the life I truly desire! Don’t forget to check out any extra content from us right here under the EXTRAS tab and if you have any technical questions click here for support.

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Big Love Amanda x