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Gorgeous, Guilt-Free Gifts – For Giving Or For YOU!

Gorgeous, Guilt-Free Gifts – For Giving Or For YOU!

BY Hannah Brencher

The holidays are fast approaching and ’tis totally the time to be checking gifts off the list. In the spirit of the season, we’ve assembled a go-to list (and we’ve checked it twice) full of wearable finds for any woman guaranteed to fit snug beneath the tree while adding goodness wellbeing into the lives of others. Consider paying it forward this year and taking a closer look at these apparel companies that keep the cycle of giving going long after the bows hit the junk bin.


Cozy up with these ridiculously unique pajama bottoms, perfectly perfect for slugging steamed cocoa and bundling up by the fireside. These empowered PJs are perfect for any Christmas list. Empowered PJs? Yup, I said it. PUNJAMMIES™ are created in after-care facilities for women who have been rescued, released or escaped from a life of forced prostitution. Their lives have been marked by a message – you are a commodity – to be used for others’ gain. Instead of the vicious cycle of her former life, the making of PUNJAMMIES starts her on her own virtuous cycle of self-reliance and dignity. By supporting PUNJAMMIES with a single purchase, you make a woman stronger, more empowered, and bolder in her walk to reclaim her life and regain her dignity.


Warby Parker
When it comes to eyeglasses, you cannot sacrifice quality for any kind of stylish. Thankfully, Warby Parker has never made us choose, they’ve diligently supplied us with sweet, sweet style and the classic prescription mold to boot. Oh Warby, how we love thee for partnering with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses. This means that 15% of the global population cannot effectively learn or work – a problem that Warby Parker is determined to address. I think this is a mission and a call we all can “see” to agree on.


Same Sky Jewelry
This is point in the gift guide when you stop, breathe, and prep to lose your breath again in 2.5 seconds. SAME SKY is a force to be reckoned with. It ain’t easy to mesh amazing jewelry pieces with a sturdy cause for a backbone. SAME SKY is a jewelry company that provides employment to HIV-positive women in Africa struggling to lift themselves out of poverty. Empowered as artisans, they’re proudly rebuilding their lives. SAME SKY’s mission is to use jewelry to effect global change—one woman at a time.


Roma Boots
These boots alone are reason enough to do a rain dance. Without fail, Roma Boots always, always, always make it onto my holiday must-get list. I’m smitten with the styles, the colors, and the cause at hand. Roma Boots combines fashion with charity to fight the cycle of poverty afflicting street children and orphans by bringing them hope, love and lasting change in the most sustainable and practical way. For every pair of Roma Boots sold, a brand new pair is donated to a child in need.


The Giving Keys
New to the giving scene, The Giving Keys is just the right dosage of chic apparel and give back potential. Keys are a timeless symbol that never go out of style and the chance to wear an emboldened message like HOPE, GRACE, FEARLESS, engraved in each wearable key is even fiercer. The Giving Keys exists to employ those transitioning out of homelessness to engrave recycled keys that get sold and shared around the world. When the wearer of the key encounters someone else who needs the message on the key, they give it away and then head back to the website to tell their story.

Hannah Brencher pins her passion to creating social campaigns that bring the human touch back into the digital age. An expert in millennial communications and award-winning blogger, Hannah launched The World Needs More Love Letters in August 2011. A global organization turned social movement, More Love Letters utilizes social media to write and mail love letters to individuals in need all over the world. Hannah is a contributor for Positively Positive and a global finalist forTED2013. She’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Oprah.com, Glamour, The White House Blog and the Daily Candy. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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