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The Art of Intentionality

The Art of Intentionality

BY Christine Gutierrez

This blog is dedicated to helping women and really anyone who is interested to bringing in more peace, healthiness and sacredness in their everyday life.

Healthiness comes through falling, learning and through rising from the ashes. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’. But through our stories, we can help one another by being powerful examples. And (hopefully) you can then be inspired and dive into your unique soul to find out what works for YOU. Happy doesn’t look the same for everyone and in fact it’s always different because we are all unique souls and people.

Healthiness does seem to have certain aspects that most of us can agree on that just work. Some of them I have observed are the following: eat good, sleep well, have healthy and positive supporting relationships in your life, keep yourself entertained and creative, keep house clean and inspired, have a job/career (I like to think of it as our dharma- life’s purpose) that lights you up, work out and have quiet time, alone time and fun time.

I also noticed that in order to have those healthy experiences happen is easier said than done. So what takes us from hearing that in our minds and saying “that sounds good” to actually applying it and committing to it in our heart and soul? For me, I feel that as we are BECOMING healthy – meaning breaking old unhealthy patterns that no longer serve us, that we must act as the person we already want to be. The applicable tool to do that for me and the clients I have worked with lies in mastering the art of intentionality.

We must become intentional about the lives we want.

To be intentional, in my definition, means to be conscious. To make a conscious and thoughtful decision. To intend. To artfully and mindfully decide to do something. There is a beautiful awareness that lives in the world of being intentional; there is beautiful awareness and action.

Below are some dares that I want us all to practice this week (and remember: progress, not perfection!):

Intend to…

1. Treat your home like a sacred sanctuary (fresh flowers, clean sink, clean floors, remove clutter, incense and maybe a pretty candle).

2. Treat your body like a goddess (or god, if you are a man reading this). Treat your body kindly by thinking positive thoughts. “You are beautiful the way you are, body. Thank you for what you do for me.” Lavish it with beautiful, natural soaps (treat yourself to one this week) and perhaps go a step further with a bedtime ritual of a salt water and candlelit bath.

3. Treat your mind like a holy temple of creative potential. Honor your mind’s beautiful temple and choose to fill it with loving, creative, supportive words. When the dark, negative ones come in, confide it to a trusted friend, coach or mentor and continue to walk closer to the loving thoughts. Think of an affirmation/desire statement that FEELS good. Here’s my current one: I’m going so deep in my goddess soul and healing the deepest, darkest soul wounds and with grace rising from the ashes… sexier and fiercer with the most gentlest and wise heart. I am in internal divine peace.

4. Treat your boundaries and space, allowing in only light, healthiness and love. This means no negative people or energy drainers – honor what YOU need. You can do this with love and step away without guilt, honoring that you deserve only to hang with people and energy that is uplifting, honest, loving, supportive and kind.

Good luck on your soul challenge and remember, kindness and gentleness is the best way to practice self-care. So, be kind and again, remember to strive for progress, not perfection. In the comments below, let’s unite and share how this resonated with you and how you INTEND to take care of you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Christine Gutierrez M.A., MHC  psychotherapist, life coach, and writer. Christine brings an innovative and fresh approach to healing as a modern day psychotherapist with a soulful twist on celebrating the  complexities of the human mind,  the body’s wisdom, and the truths of our inner spirit.  Christine is also the founder of the lifestyle brand Cosmic Life Inc. where she provides 1-1 coaching, group goddess gatherings, speaking engagements, workshops, and writing all geared towards healing the mind, body, and soul. To find out more  check out www.cosmiclife.com and sign up for the free newsletter to receive updates, information+ inspiration. Find me on Twitter: @CosmicChristine


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