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Busy Philipps: Body Image

BY The Conversation Team

Busy Philipps

This week on The Conversation we’re talking with actress Busy Philipps. In this episode, Busy talks about…

The treatment of pregnant women in the media.

Her personal struggles with body image.

Being asked to lose weight for her career.

Our questions for you… 

1) Would you say you have a healthy relationship with your body?

2) Does the media’s representation of women damage your self-esteem in any way? If so, how?

3) Have you struggled with your own body image? Where are you at with it now?

4) What is one thing you could commit to daily to show your body some love?

Share your answers, thoughts and questions with us in the comments section below. 

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  • dute

    I love the new series, I just wish the videos would be longer. the longer the better! they are all so insightful and I also love to feel like I’m spending time in such great company

    my relationship with my body has been a tough one. i come from a place of hate to a total peace and acceptance. i love my body, it is amazing. one thing that helps for me is avoid any comparing. if i look at myself in a bathroom mirror, I love what I see, but sometimes it is not so easy when you are surrounded by other women. I try to stay true to that bathroom mirror perspective.

    and I also avoid having people in my life who have expectations or opinions about my body other than loving and accepting. my boyfriend has made me love parts of myself I used to hate.

    • Good to hear that your boyfriend helped you with your body , so many don’t ( mine does to fyi and I love him for that )

    • dute

      hi Amanda, i was wondering, could i ask you some questions via e-mail or here in comments about this project? i’ve been obsessed with the Conversation, as in my country you don’t see these issues discussed like that at all. i am planning to write an article for a cultural website about the impact of such conversations among women, and mention this project as an game changer for many of us. it would be great if i could ask you a couple questions about it.

  • mad

    why are these so short!! are the full episodes available somewhere else?

    • I know these are shorter and it isn;t ideal , but its’ what we can do for now .. Working on FULL episodes so stay tuned !

    • Kortney

      ^ CAN’T wait.

    • KC

      Yeah for full episodes!

  • Rebecka Hjorth

    Increadible! Loved this episode! Women should love their bodies! It’s just like you two said, those bodies have done amazing things. Thanks Amanda for sharing those wonderful interviews with us. Always a pleasure watching them!

    • thanks, I remind myself of that everyday and it’s not easy..

    • Rebecka Hjorth

      I totally understand that! But you are doing a great job and you should know that you inspire A LOT of women to just carry on with their lives. I have given my friends many advices that you and the other women from the conversation team has taught me about loving EVERYTHING about your body! It is perfect just the way it is! My friends tell me I have the greatest comforting advices they’ve ever been given, and I just tell them that someone told me them first. Thank you once again!

  • i LOVE Busy, so very happy to see her here. A really great relaxed and honest “Conversation” to view. Well done to all involved!

    I can be hard on myself for how my body can look sometimes. I have been
    battling a chronic disease for 10+ years, which constantly forces
    changes to my body. When i have that negative view creep in, i think,
    HELLS NO! my body looks damn GOOD for having gone through so much. And
    this powers me on. I’m proud of myself for viewing me that way. We can’t
    always control how we look, and this can definitely affect how we feel
    about ourselves.

    Partly my experience with having had a disease
    for so long, and also my Mothers great encouragement always for my
    individual style, i don’t care what people think of how i look.
    For example, any stretch marks i have, i view as my “survival lines”,
    because they are reminders of what me and my body have gone through.

    I laugh whenever i read someone getting crazy about stretch marks, or
    that they’ve gained so many pounds etc. We are all individuals. This
    should ALWAYS be embraced (something you do amazingly well here).
    Comparisons with anyone else is a pointless waste of your precious time,
    that will only lead one way, to being negative about yourself.

    Embrace what you have, even if it’s starting with 1 body part at a time. There
    is no shame in saying, “Yeah, i like Me.” It’s just that simple.

    For me, i’d like to look healthy, and i hope that day comes, but for now,
    this is what is happening to me at this time in my life, and i’m going
    to continue to deal with it one day at a time.

    • Valerie Brown

      I admire your courage. I connect with your thoughts on personal style. Have you seen the amazing Diana Veerland documentary? I suggest watching! Thanks for sharing I like your answers!

    • THANKYOU Valerie for your Awesome comments! People like yourself and Meghan below, strangers, who take moment to say something kind, really does help keep my inner strength boosted up. People should definitely not underestimate The Power of kind words.

      I’ve not seen that documentary – it was on my list in my head (a terrible vortex for losing lists haha!) so i forgot about it, thankyou for reminding me!

    • Guest

      I havent seen it but will check it out..thanks for the suggestion.

    • Meghan

      That’s amazing. You have such an admirable outlook.

      As for stretch marks, I haaated mine, especially because they occurred as a result of weight loss- not gain. One day, when I was reluctant to wear a bathing suit, my friend’s mother told me I should view them as my “tiger stripes”- as they represented a change/growth I’d been through.

      I was born in the year of the tiger so that really appealed to me, and I haven’t minded them ever since!

    • I LOVE!!!! that you called them “Tiger stripes”! I adore that what was probably a passing comment made by friends mother, stuck with you, and made a great change happen.

      Thankyou Meghan for your kind words!

    • !Grrrrr .. you go Tiger !

    • I too have a health condition which at this very moment has added 10 lbs to my body in the last 2 weeks and I’m struggling with how it looks and feels . Some days , i have more peace around knowing that this weight gain is temporary , that my body is re- setting and I am letting it be free to land in the healthiest place . Today is just one of those days !!!

  • These mini interviews make me long for more!! Love starting my Saturday with you and your guests. Very addicting and fun! Thank you:)

    • Marli

      So nice to have you back with the conversation, wish the interviews were longer, so good work amanda. Thank you <3

  • Oh forgot to answer the questions!

    1. My relationship with my body depends on my mood. Some days I am more kind, and other days I am kinda of bitchy:(

    2. The media doesn’t help at all. Very depressing.
    3. I struggle for sure. It is so hard to keep the voice inside me loving. It gets insecure and cranky way too often.
    4. Lately, as weird as this sounds I have been trying to look in the mirror and tell myself “I love you!” It is way harder than it sounds, yet it works.

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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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