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Busy Philipps: Body Image

BY The Conversation Team

Busy Philipps

This week on The Conversation we’re talking with actress Busy Philipps. In this episode, Busy talks about…

The treatment of pregnant women in the media.

Her personal struggles with body image.

Being asked to lose weight for her career.

Our questions for you… 

1) Would you say you have a healthy relationship with your body?

2) Does the media’s representation of women damage your self-esteem in any way? If so, how?

3) Have you struggled with your own body image? Where are you at with it now?

4) What is one thing you could commit to daily to show your body some love?

Share your answers, thoughts and questions with us in the comments section below. 

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  • Kortney

    1- Pretty healthy…now. 2. Abso-fuckinglutly the medias representation of women has in the past damaged my self esteem. I didn’t realize it was all in illusion. Everything from their hair (extensions/wig) to their amazing bodies and flawless anti aging skin. Wish they would just show how humans age and look. But they can’t b/c they prob wont have jobs. While men look old wrinkly and bald. 3. Yes, for years. Not sure when it clicked or how. It just wasn’t worth the fight. Or energy. Now, I guess you can say I eat what my body needs. 4. Making my own food.

  • gabriellasvensk

    1) Yes. I think it clicked for me 2 years ago when I went down to the size I thought I wanted. I have never felt unsexier and it was a real epiphany. I’m a girl that wants boobs and a good ass. I don’t want to be a clothes hanger. Today I’m happy I got to experience what I thought I wanted only to realize I’m very happy where I am now.

    2) I wouldn’t say damage but remind me of that “one way of looking”.

    3) I did struggle when I was 19. I counted, measured and constantly thought about what I put into my body. Getting over it was half learning to love my body and honestly half was probably just growing up. Some happened by itself.

    4) Keep walking around naked.

  • Melody

    Love this!! Would love to hear more talk about weight/body issues since it is #1 topic of discussion with most women I know. Thank you, Amanda, for keeping this going. I look forward to every interview!

  • KC

    Thank you for the series. I feel so happy after an episode.

  • SusanneNYC

    This is a fantastic discussion on body image and learning to accept and appreciate how we look instead of knocking ourselves down.

    I’m a writer and last year wrote an essay about this topic from a different perspective. My mother died at 34 years old, and now in my 40’s, I’ve outlived her in age. As with most other women, I’ve struggled with accepting how I look but have tried to have a different mindset about it. When I now look in the mirror and see my body changing with gray hair, wrinkles and everything else that goes along with getting older, I ask myself, “What right do I have to complain about my body when my mother’s life was cut short and she didn’t get to experience all the things that I have?

    The signs of aging are evidence of a life that’s been lived, which not everyone is given the gift of having. I do believe that there is such a thing as aging gracefully, and when we allow that to happen, we can begin to appreciate our bodies every step of the way.
    BTW, I tried posting a comment a few minutes ago which didn’t seem to go through so I retyped it. If my comments do wind up appearing twice, I apologize as it may have been a computer glitch on my end.

  • Michelle

    Every Saturday I look forward to this email! I can’t wait to see who your next interview is. They are way too short but so important! Thank you for encouraging positive discussions for women. That when women support each other it is a wonderful beautiful thing! Wish I had these to watch when I was 14 years old:)

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