07.13.13 Truth & Wisdom


BY The Conversation Team

Zoe Saldana

We are so excited to have the compelling director and actress, Zoe Saldana back on The Conversation! In this week’s episode, Zoe talks about equality, love, and the divine bond of sisterhood. Watch this episode to see what Zoe has to say about…

– Why she can do anything a man can do.

– What she feels is her biggest achievement

– The relationship she has with her sisters.

– Why only a certain type of man can co-exist in her family.

– The rights Zoe believes everyone is born with.

We love to hear from you! Leave your answers in the comments. 

– What do you consider to be your biggest achievement?

– What most surprised you about Zoe?

– Have you ever faced difficulty when introducing a romantic interest to your family?


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  • Kelly

    I am envious of her relationship with her family. I have two sisters and one brother and don’t feel particularly close to any of them. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such a great family.

  • Nataliya Preiss

    Inspiring. Empowering. Love it!

    • The Conversation

      Glad it inspired you! Thanks for commenting.

    • Ingrid Arna

      I loved this and love all that you do/ contribute to us women stepping into our power to live rich and juicy lives. I’m an author of BodyLove Diet… Love to be interviewed if you’re open to discusses body image and how to really love yourself and get over any insecurity we have around our bodies… Diet stands for Daily. Intuitive. Energy. Transformation! WOOT! xx Love, Ingrid .. KEEP ROCKIN’

    • Ingrid Arna

      That’s a bit big.. Hope that’s OK…. oh my! x

  • Jennarie

    Amanda, thanks so much for sharing this kind of frank, honest, adorably sexy POV…am 1 of 3 sisters, less than 2 years between each of us, and Zoe’s interviews hit home each time–for every member of our family. Even Dad. 🙂 Strength, courage, unity, personality…these are the women this generation need to look to, and learn from. xox.

  • Brooke Melikidse

    I consider my biggest achievement thus far in life to be my kids. Trying to raise strong, confident and happy kids is a tough job. (Granted some days I do it way better than others!) Now that my kids are getting bigger I look forward to seeing what my future achievements outside of the family will be.

    I was surprised by Zoe’s take no shit stance to life. She is a strong confident woman, who has unwavering beliefs. I love the relationship she describes to have with her sisters. I wish I had that too. My sibling relationships are a bit dysfunctional:( I love that Zoe is not afraid to use the f-bomb. I like a girl that can say fuck!

    I am married to my high school sweetheart, so I never had any issues introducing a romantic interest to my family. Luckily, my parents always loved him. In fact I think they might like him more than me!

  • Charlotte

    Where are her glasses from?!

  • Ahhh Zoe – I freakin’ LOVE your confidence. Amanda, thank you. Thank you for always making my Saturdays so cool. 🙂

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  • Exclusive notes and videos from Amanda de Cadenet.
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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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