07.13.13 Truth & Wisdom


BY The Conversation Team

Zoe Saldana

We are so excited to have the compelling director and actress, Zoe Saldana back on The Conversation! In this week’s episode, Zoe talks about equality, love, and the divine bond of sisterhood. Watch this episode to see what Zoe has to say about…

– Why she can do anything a man can do.

– What she feels is her biggest achievement

– The relationship she has with her sisters.

– Why only a certain type of man can co-exist in her family.

– The rights Zoe believes everyone is born with.

We love to hear from you! Leave your answers in the comments. 

– What do you consider to be your biggest achievement?

– What most surprised you about Zoe?

– Have you ever faced difficulty when introducing a romantic interest to your family?


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  • Musa

    i love Zoe she keeps it real!!

  • Rebecka Hjorth

    I love love love Zoe! She is not afraid of saying what she really thinks, which I love! She spoke right in to my heart. I loved what she said about equality. We are alle the same, aren’t we? I mean and the way she said it! Love love love! In the week I actually got really upset after a manly friend told me that it has been proved that men are smarter than women. And I was like “….???!!! Who do you think you are?” I got so mad that I just wanted to scream and jump and hit him!! And he would not stop. He kept saying that men are the ones who are smart and they do they thinking, and that women only know how to talk. Well, he certainly was not my friend any more.
    I did not know that she was very close to her sisters, but now I do. And I really understood what she talked about. I have three sisters who are older than me and we are so tight. We would do anything for each other. And I know that if they tell me not to do something, then I know that it is for my own best. After all they have seen me growing and know me proberaly more than any other of my friends. I trust them in 100%.
    What can I say? You have done it again, Amanda! Thank you so much, I love this show!

  • R

    I adore Zoe!

  • paul

    zoe, so god damn beautiful,
    it should be illegal ….Lol

  • dute

    Amanda, have you seen this? This is amazing http://amandapalmer.net/blog/20130713/

  • DZ

    Dear Amanda, I love The Conversation and have closely followed the show and this website. All the gorgeously brainy people you interviewed spoke their mind gently, firmly, with conviction and so much kindness to themselves – except for Zoe Saldana for her second interview with you. She was bullying and it was painful to watch and see. In fact, this single interview stood out glaringly (negatively) from the rest, for me. I don’t know if this sends out a good message for equality of the sexes. For me, it certainly doesn’t. I look forward to another discussion on the same topic, even with Ms Saldana again, but with the kind of empathy and loving spirit that I associate with The Conversation. Love, DZ from Malaysia

    • I appreciate your honesty and understand your perspective ..

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  • Exclusive notes and videos from Amanda de Cadenet.
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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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