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Life’s Big Questions

Life’s Big Questions

BY Leona Mizrahi

The answer to my life’s big questions weren’t on my yoga mat. They weren’t at the bottom of my Kombucha drink or smoothies or in the self-help aisle at the bookstore. I was shocked. Couldn’t 108 Sun Salutations or rereading The Four Agreements calm my mind and warm my heart? Did I need to realize or shift something, again?

As I learned, the answer was a resounding “YES”.

My first spiritual journey had taught me to ditch toxic relationships and behaviors, meditate for clarity and allow life to unfold. Before I got married, I thought I knew everything about spirituality and manifestation. I had done “the work.”

But surprisingly at 31, I began to feel a spiritual buzz kill. I felt disconnected from myself, my inner peace dulled and I was emotionally paralyzed. In moments of despair, all of the tools that once cured a single girl’s frustration, no longer worked for a married young woman.

Life was unfolding, but my spark was diminishing. Ultimate confusion set in.

Seeking to reignite my spark, I let my marriage become the ultimate mirror. The reflection: I still had plenty of my own hang-ups. Thus, my second spiritual attempt began.

I gave myself a choice to experience deliberate miracles or ignore these divine opportunities. Not the kind of miracles where seas split and bushes speak. I’m talking about the kind where personal awareness is witnessed. I’m talking about where I either co-create a version of myself using past experiences or co-create a new experience with “spiritual spark”.

My belief is that co-creating from a past experience or identity traps you. It keeps you locked in emotional chains. It’s the easiest and quickest place that emotions, thoughts and words gravitate toward. It’s what’s available to you in the exact moment when you are tense and frustrated. Autopilot. It’s what you already know – but it’s exactly what can hamper your ability to expand and grow.

But what if you knew another way? What if you paused for a second during fleeting moments of frustration and opened up to the possibility of miracles? I want to revolutionize miracles because they transform thoughts, composure and actions – all in an instant! Rather than be a victim of negativity, why not try aligning your thoughts, composure and actions with your own form of “divine guidance”? It can create new experiences and spark a personal evolution – one in which compassion, understanding, joy, patience and love occur. And where miracles ignite.

Living a life of purpose takes more than a diet of green smoothies. Feeling fulfilled in relationships takes more than reciting daily affirmations. Manifesting desirable outcomes takes more than yoga practice. You need spark. You have to take ownership of your life to a deeper level.

The next time you find yourself in a misunderstanding or conflict with your friend, co-worker, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, significant other, neighbor, relative or yourself – put the brakes on your reactive patterns. Remind yourself that at every moment you have a choice to align with your greatest vision for your life or to align with excuses, anger, fear or frustration. Choose to co-create a new experience. Spark love, kindness, helpfulness and compassion. Live in that spark. Think from that spark. Speak from that spark. Act from that spark. Be the spark.

Featured Image via Mayhem on Flickr.

Leona is a spiritual gangster by birth, radical mentor by default and evolving entrepreneur by surprise. When she’s not dropping truth bombs of daily spark + wisdom on her blog she’s pursuing bottomless amounts of time journaling, instagramming, flexing off in yoga practice, cooking, vintage shopping, documentary viewing, and updating her vision board. She ardently believes that life is lived best with faith, gratitude, love + courage. You can read more from Leona at her website, Facebook, Pinterest and on Twitter @leonamizrahi


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  • Exclusive notes and videos from Amanda de Cadenet.
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  • Amanda’s Favorites and Special Offers shared with you weekly.
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