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Removing a Tumor: When Holistic and Modern Medicine Come Together

Removing a Tumor: When Holistic and Modern Medicine Come Together

BY Nadereh Zelaya

In the spirit of The Conversation we welcome all opinions and experiences. Amanda is close friends with Nahdi and asked her to share her personal journey and discovery of what it means to heal. We are not endorsing any practices, doctors or treatments included in her story.

In my humble opinion, NYC  has the greatest concentration of top hospitals and surgeons in the country. I’m really blessed to live in this city! In my daily research and speaking with a few MDs, I don’t feel that medical science can admit to even knowing what cancer is! It’s this mysterious growth with its own blood supply that spreads to your lymph system, then to bones and vital organs. “We can’t say that nutrition doesn’t influence the spreading of cancer but if you don’t have it removed or accept treatment, you are basically going to die.” I hear this from handfuls of people, often! “Just cut it out then do your alternative thing!”

This “disease,” or as German New Medicine has termed “Biological System,” is triggered in the Psyche. So if I become stressed, worried, angry and or extremely fatigued, “Cancer” begins to spread. My mind is the seed that I must now nurture. The ultimate key to curing this Biological System is in resolution within the psyche, then further treatment can be of benefit.

My intuition tells me not to worry. This tumor is here for a reason. It’s the body’s natural reaction to trauma.

It’s like my mind has this little hiding place where it keeps my deepest darkest fears and memories. They surface in moments of anger, fear and anxiety; I can truly understand why Western Medical Science is stumped by the nature of this disease.

In 04′, I lost my boyfriend, Zakariya Al-Shaer, to Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He was 22, I was 24, and I never forgave myself for not being able to save him. He was young and thus the spreading was more aggressive and Science was not able to save him. The pain suffered from  his loss has changed form over time but remains in my heart forever. I can keep going back, hitting the trauma points and continually realize that my tumor was created in the depths of my mind and has now fully manifested in the physical body. Wow, what a concept. Now, I am up early making concoctions, like mixing Frankincense oil with honey and spices, chopping raw tumeric with ginger and mixing raw yoghurt drinks. I swish for 30 minutes every morning with sunflower seed oil. I live according to Ayurveda, I do Pranayama, Visualization and chant Japa in accordance with my teacher, without fail.

My Guru, Radhanath Swami was just in NYC to ring in the New Year. I spoke to him about my condition and gently asked for his advice. He looked into my eyes with a profound compassion that made my eyes well up with tears. He said “Take the tumor out. I’ve seen so many people die of this unforgiving disease. Take it out anyway you can.” I cried and cried. In my heart I knew He was right.

Prayer is a daily ritual that not only soothes my heart and spirit, but cleanses my consciousness of anger, resentment and doubt. I cling to my spiritual practice like a lover to her beloved and try not to let go.

The very first most crucial part of this treatment has required elimination of low vibration association including those that exude fear and doubt. Next, the physical techniques; the regimen at this point is simple. Raw dairy, Raw Butter, Ghee and Raw Yoghurt along with steamed veggies and some juicing. I keep my food as organic as possible and make sure I incorporate raw dairy to bind the nutrients to my tissues.

I’m on an Ayurvedic Regimen that calls for a complete metaphysical overhaul. Damien Hagglund is my Ayurvedic Specialist and health Guru that has impacted and completely shifted my existence. In dropping my unhealthy vegan lifestyle and eating tri-doshically, I have not only lost emotional and physical weight but for the first time in a long time I feel energized!

In the application of Ayurveda, Reiki and Therapeutic Grade Essential oils, I have only just begun to nurture this complex system. There is another dear Soul that has changed my life forever: Breast Cancer Survivor, Luana DeAngelis, organizer of You Can Thrive. Within her organization, professional volunteers donate their time and services like acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology and massage to under-priviledged women suffering from cancer. Luana and I are inseparable friends and have joined forces in raising more awareness in the holistic treatments of cancer. Luana is also a certified Reiki practitioner and has not only treated me several times but now inspired me to train in this technique. The blessings are un-ending.

From diagnosis five months ago, I researched high and low for a surgeon that believed in and supported Holistic Medicine. I found only one man in NYC that resonated with my heart, Dr. Sheldon Feldman. This man is a caring compassionate being that utilizes holistic medicine in combination with surgery. Turns out, he is good friends with my Gaurdian Angel Luana. When she told him that I was refusing surgery, he did everything in his power to get me into his office. “God is protecting you,” I thought. My Guru’s words rang in my ears, “Take the tumor out.”

Feldman looked into my eyes and spoke to my heart. In God’s Grace I am having surgery at NY Presbyterian with Dr. Sheldon Feldman on Jan 31st. Luana will perform Reiki during the procedure and Feldman is beyond supportive of my choice not to take chemo or radiation.

The root cause of this biological system is psychological. When the body is healing a thriving tumor, it becomes fatigued and needs more sleep than a new born. Healing this system requires time and conservation of energy. Today, I’ve decided to love and thank my tumor for opening my eyes to ultimate health and well being. My mantras are simple: Eat well. Love well. Rest well.

I am doing just that.

Nahdi is an ambitious young Entrepreneur in Music, Design, Health and Wellness. Born in New Orleans and raised in Mexico City, her mixed Iranian/Puerto Rican descent smoothly blends into NYC's culturally artistic melting pot. As a certified personal trainer with a BA in Dance/Psych, Nahdi came to Yoga in search of spirit and heart transformation. In 2007, Russell Simmons, both friend and mentor sponsored her extensive 800-hour study with Sharon Gannon and David Life at the Jivamukti Yoga School. Her very dear teacher Dharma Mittra has also lovingly influenced her unique teaching style. Now, as an E-RYT 500 she is determined to cultivate a worldwide healing community. Her newly-deigned movement technique, Bio-Rhthyms, is a healing combination of Yoga, massage and aromatherapy; curating the experience to her client's individual needs. Her eclectic taste in music is intricately woven into movement and relaxation therapy that leaves the client tuned from the inside out. With each Donation to Nahdi's cause in the healing of Breast Cancer through Holistic Methods, you receive your choice of earrings or bangles from her design in collaboration with Gabriel Leavitt, Cintamani. Cintamani is hand engraved copper and wood with Sankrit Hare Krsna Maha Mantra. Follow Nahdi on her website, on Facebook and on Twitter @Luminahdi.


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