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The Skinny on the Pressed Juicery Cleanse

The Skinny on the Pressed Juicery Cleanse

BY Rebecca Fernandez

January is the month when everyone is getting healthy after the food haul of the holidays, and in an attempt to give my body the clean slate for which it was begging, I decided to delve into a 3-day cleanse. Because I live in Los Angeles, I knew I wanted Pressed Juicery’s version– I’d tried their delicious juices before, and the staff is known for going above and beyond in the customer service department.

For those who live outside of California- good news! They deliver right to your door. An even better deal? Through January 23, The Conversation readers will receive free shipping for the 3-day cleanse; just use promotional code FREECONVO on the Pressed Juicery site. (Offer available only for US orders, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.)


I’d always been curious about cleanses. They sound so daunting, but so amazing at the same time, right? After deciding the 3-day version would be the perfect amount of time for me, I jumped right in. With Pressed Juicery you get eight (EIGHT!) juices a day, including a vanilla almond milk for “dinner” that is the stuff dreams are made of. What was so great about Pressed Juicery was the attention to detail. I had no idea what I was doing, and everything was so plainly spelled out for me there wasn’t any confusion or second guessing.


For those of you who are like me and intrigued, but maybe a little scared, here’s the lowdown on my cleanse experience.

The Cons
• No delicious bread, candy, chips – all the things I love. (And the reason I need the cleanse.)
• Having to pack juices and make sure they stay cold when you leave the house.
• So so so so so much juice.

The Pros
• I was never hungry. That didn’t mean I wasn’t daydreaming about solid food, but I was never even close to deprived.
• You can have celery and apples if you need something to chew on.
• The moment of clarity when you push through the mental blocks is phenomenal. It’s what I imagine a runner’s high feels like.
• The juices are incredibly tasty and satisfying. The citrus with the pineapple juice is my favorite, and it was like a special treat each day!
• After you finish the cleanse your body feels amazing. My skin even looked brighter!

After completing my first cleanse ever, I can say with certainty that I can’t wait to do it again. This will definitely be a staple for me, and this year maybe I’ll do it before the holidays to get an extra jumpstart on healthy eating.

Some words of wisdom for those cleanse virgins out there: prepare yourself before diving in. Start by cutting out (or at least cutting back) dairy and meat several days before, and really amp up your fruits and veggies. I can’t imagine going from macaroni and cheese or steak one day to all juice the next- it is most likely impossible, and you’ll be miserable!

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